My Poor Qat Has Been Tripping All Day

Datura Eaten by Mangey Olde Qat
by Tephta

DOSE : Datura


I recently found a large abount of wild Datura stramonium growing near my home. So of course I did what any normal human being would do, I brought a couple of the plants home and transplanted them. I had set my pretty little plants in the window of the spare bedroom of my apartment for sunlight.

I was talking on the phone to my husband when the qat jumped up and the bed and started acting dumber than usual, and I made a comment to my husband that he was acting like he was stoned out of his stupid little head. He told me to check my plants and I noticed a large quantity of leaves missing (more than 10 less than 30). I had forgotten my husband had told me qats LOVE Datura.

My qat has been tripping really hard all day. He will run across the room at full tilt, stop, then fall over. He keeps studying our dog every time the dog goes to sleep. The legs of every chair in the house have become the single most interesting thing in the world. A few times, he was standing there looking at me and just fell over and looked confused at how he got to the floor. He has walked into every wall, door, and cabinet near the floor in the house. There is something absolutely amazing on the walls that I can't see.

He will let me hold and pet her, but only for so long. Earlier he decided he was done with attention and hopped to the arm of the chair and just sat there looking confused as hell. I can't decide if he was confused at why he was on the arm of the chair/how he got there when he was just sitting on my lap or if the floor suddenly seemed very far away. When I tried to pet him the poor thing nearly jumped out of his fur and fell off the chair. He then proceeded to get lost in the (empty) corner next to the computer desk. He has also mutilated the box our toaster oven came in.

Please remember that qats seem to LOVE this plant. As funny as this is, I am worried my poor qat will die or severly hurt hisself (I think he ate the leaves about 20 hours ago and that has not happened yet). Please try to keep your critters (I am not sure if the dog got any) and your drugs seperate, it won't be very funny if your favorite pet dies.

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