The Yahoo Groups listed below are evil and satanic. The persons moderating them have been identified as sexual deviants, satanists, used car salesmen, motion picture distributors and other evil, perverted professions and avocations. Do NOT view or join any of these groups!!!

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Evil Websites

Consumer Report: Which Religion is Best?: If you need a website to tell you what the best religion is, you're reading the WRONG BOOK!!!
Shock Television: Evil Television Shows
Yesterday Land:
Partridge Family Homepage:
Jo Anne Worley: She was in WD's Beauty and the Beast and Laugh In
Hawaii Five 0 : This Show was made in Hawaii
Life Gem:
Chewing Gum Net:
Laser Pooter Rejuvenation: Girl, you is ugly down there!
Predator Urine:
Toe Cutter:
Create_your_Own: Yes that's right folks, an interactive site where you can create your very own Conspiracy Theory
Terminator3: Armageddon, Ancient Civilisations, Anti-Corporate, Assassination, Big Brother and Biological. Makes it hard to think it is worthwhile getting out of bed in the morning!

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